Emma - Director

Hello I’m Emma. I work in the social care profession and I am very passionate in advocating and supporting families who have experienced adversities, ensuring their voices are heard!!!  Being a survivor myself I have often found the silencing of sexual trauma and the isolation to be most difficult. I am a big believer in re-connection to be a huge factor in recovery and being able to use skills developed from lived experience to support each other and RISE together. I have been very fortunate to see a lot of countries, organising many activities and programmes to bring communities together with many families living in poverty. I’m a little nuts, (but not too much!) and I love to sing all the time!!! (You have been warned) I look forward to meeting you all and supporting each other through our journeys. P.S I won’t be offended if you tell me to stop singing! 


Julia- Vice Chair


Hi, I’ve been a member and volunteer at Rise Kent since just after we opened in 2015. I am a mum to four children aged between 10 and 18 and have just returned to my much missed job as a childminder looking after children of all ages in my home. Since leaving school in 1996 I have always worked within care or education. I am partial to a Disney Movie with a hot chocolate and a blanket and adore Disneyland Paris! I love being part of Rise Kent and always look forward to our Thursday evenings.For me the most important part of Rise is participating in the breaking of the deep sense of isolation that many women experience as a result of sexual trauma by bringing people together who welcome, support and value one another.

Helen- Activity Co-0rdinator

Hello, I’m Helen. I have been in the craft industry for over 15 years. I have worked in a couple of craft shops and helped with card making classes. I had always enjoyed making cards and went to several day workshops to learn different papercraft techniques. I also attended trade Shows and learnt the business of running a shop. Sadly, my Dad died in 2001 but with part of my inheritance I decided to have my own shop, Craft buddies.
In the 10 years that I had the shop I ran classes for adults for 2, sometimes 3 evenings a week! I was asked to run classes at Nursing Homes, W.I, Church groups and for adults with learning difficulties. I also ran classes for children in the school holidays. I gave up the shop in 2012 but still give classes and sometimes one to one tuition in card-making and scrap-booking. I find crafting very relaxing and therapeutic. Being creative is calming and very rewarding. You don’t have to be an artist to get great results and have a sense of achievement.




Hello I am Basil. I am a new addition to RISE and the only male in the group! I love chewing EVERYTHING, especially ears and I love having lots of cuddles. I have been told by some of our members that they find me really comforting, especially if they are having a bad day. I have also been told I have helped some of our members feel less anxious and they find me rather funny too. I love making people smile and feel that little bit better. I look forward to meeting you and perhaps having a cuddle with you.




RISE Kent provides a range of techniques with the aim of helping you through your journey.

Talking/ Listening

We offer a safe, non- judgemental and hopefully comfortable place where you are able to share your experience and feelings with people who appreciate what you’re going through. Even if you do not feel comfortable sharing anything, just knowing you are with people who understand, can give you that sense of belonging that you may feel you have lost.    


Creative Arts

All the activities have been designed to help challenge low self-esteem, frustration and explore methods for relaxation. Not only can the activities benefit you emotionally, they can also give you a sense of achievement and potentially find a hobby you enjoy. We also think there pretty fun to do too!


Supportive Literature

All literature we provide is on a loan basis. Supportive literature can be very beneficial when feeling alone. Supportive literature in the form of self- help guides and inspirational true stories can give you that understanding and identification when you’re not able to access the group, other services or when you feel you can’t talk to anyone. Self- help books can reassure you that what you’re feeling is perfectly natural for what you have gone through. True stories can help you see that things will get better, helping you to stay positive when you’re feeling particularly stuck.