Motivations Behind RISE Kent

Knowing that unfortunately there are thousands of people that experience some form of sexual violence each year, as well as a lot of people who do not realise until later on in life what had happened to them; there is little support in the form of peer-centred support groups.

Peer- centred support groups like RISE Kent enables individuals to reconnect with others in similar situations. Reconnection is vital for the healing process, as for many survivors’ feelings of disconnection and loss of trust between people is very common.

There are many benefits from a peer-centred approach, such as…


·         Reduce feelings of Isolation

·         Rebuilding Trust

·         Decreases stigmatisation or fear of it

·         Promotes a sense of belonging

·         Identification

·         Emotional support

·         Sharing experiences

·         Increased social network/ friendships

·         Learn from each other

·         Rewarding to be able to help others

·         Empowering

·         Hope


RISE Kent is an independent organisation, resulting in no waiting lists or cost fees! We hope to be here for the long run, which means your recovery and healing can be taken at your own pace.